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Olsen Family's Special Memories - Williamsburg, Virginia

Meet the Olsen Family;

Paul, Robin, Paulie, Allie and Rachel!

Beautiful weather and lots of holiday cheer made for an awesome Family Photo Day! The families’ home provided a comfortable and scenic background for their pictures.

In May the couple will celebrate their 20 year anniversary! At 13 years old they started as friends and attended prom together 20 years ago. I could definitely feel the love and friendship through the lens of my camera. They were truly a joy to work with.

The Olsen kids are absolutely amazing. Rachel is adorable and has a gorgeous smile. I observed Allie as being a very photogenic little Ballerina Princess. Paulie, the big brother and super swimmer was full of energy and really loves his sisters, although I think he might be Rachel's most favorite person in the world.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but creating memories and preserving them in pictures is priceless!


  • LaTonya Wallace

    on March 31, 2015

    I had an AWESOME time photographing the Olsen family!

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