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Why a professional image is important?

Professionalism is the presentation of yourself to your customers, vendors, competition, and  future employers. It's something we should practice if we expect to be taken seriously.  

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Having a professional image can be a very powerful tool. It's important to have a photograph of yourself on your social media page to help ensure that your clients are connecting with the right person. Your profile is seven times likely to be viewed than a profile without a picture. Your image should include a GREAT smile, confidence and your brand. Your profile picture is what gives the first impression of you to future clients and employers. Let me ask you a question. When is the last time you updated your LinkedIn page?  Give it a makeover by updating that out-of-date image. 

Have you ever seen a profile picture that included four other people and wondered which person the profile belonged to?  You should be the only subject in the photo. It's great that you love your pets, children, family, and friends but this is the time for you to shine. 

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Are you "Social Proof"? Your professional image should be consistent with your brand. It also helps build credibility. Your audience wants to know who you are. Social Media is a great tool to introduce yourself. Make that GREAT first impression. What does your Facebook Profile or Business Pages say about you and your brand?

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Having a successful profile photo without a nice headshot photo hurts you more than you can imagine. We always hear that a picture says a 1000 words. What does your image say about you? 

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